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Shapes of the Inconceivable
Hier findet ihr die Playlists für meine Sendung Shapes of The Inconceivable,inkl Genreangaben Smile

1. Sendung (unmoderiert)
Chrysalide-Welcome to the 21th Century 2:10 Industrial,(Spoken Word Intro)
How to Destroy Angels-the loop closes 4:50 Electronica
Dismantled-Disease 4:41 Industrial
Client-Your Love is Like Petrol 3:14 Electroclash
Skillet-Rise 4:21 Alt-Metal
Blast Radius-Forgotten(A Sentinal Event) 6:31 Experimental,Industrial
Haujobb-Die Eier von Satan 4:50 Industrial
Subheim-Dusk 6:33 Ambient,IDM
Rave the Reqviem-Sloth Whore 3:37 Industrial Metal,EDM
IAMX-I come with knives 4:21 Electroclash
Stromkern-Stand Up 4:47 EBM
Evol Intent-Era of Diversion 4:19 Drum & Bass
Awolnation-Burn it Down 2:45 Alt-Rock
Burikusu-Year 2080 4:50 Electropop,Blip Hop
Embrionyc-Neurastenic 1:21 Ambient,Neo-Classic
SMP-In Your Blood 4:59 Industrial
Placebo-Purify 4:01 Alt-Rock
Sense-MK Symphony 1 Ambient
oHGr-101 4:36 Industrial
Fall Out Boy-The Pheonix 4:05 Alt-Rock
Ruined Conflict-Failure 5:48 Future Pop,Electro
Bad Tango feat. Hedlux-Alignment 6:49 Psybreaks(Psytrance+Breakbeat)
Skindred-Kill the Power 3:52 Alt-Metal,Reggae Rock
Seabound-Travelling 5:19 Future Pop,Electro
Nerve Filter-hey.daddy 5:26 Ambient,Techno
Zeromancer-Imaginery Friends 4:01 Industrial Rock,Electrorock
Tineidae-Azure 4:25 Ambient

Im übrigen gibts die Playlists zukünftig auch auf Spotify zu hören http://open.spoti...rs3f0jZ3M4
Bearbeitet von Mauli am 28.03.2016 um 15:32
2.Sendung (unmoderiert)
Edge Of Dawn-All Coordinates Are Wrong 1:48 Intro:Spoken Word,Ambient [Electro Pop]
The Enigma TNG-Nimata 5:06 (Nicht in Playlist) EBM,Industrial ( http://youtu.be/-... )
Billy Talent-Viking Death March 4:03 Alternative Rock
Oberer Totpunkt-Geisterfahrt 3:30 Dark Electro
Access To Arasaka-Ixiion 5:04 IDM,Ambient
Nine Inch Mails-Meet your Master 4:09 Industrial,Electronica
Sneaker Pimps-Think harder 4:44 Trip-Hop,Electronica
Architect-The Sun 5:40 IDM,Glitch
Santa Hates You-Das Leben fügt ihnen und den Menschen
in ihrer Umgebung erheblichen Schaden zu 4:14 Industrial
Kopek-Sub Human 3:37 Acustic Rock [Hard Rock,Alternative Rock]
Recoil-Incubus 7:07 Trip-Hop,Electronica(,Blues)
Felix Kröcher-Läuft. 6:59 Minimal Techno
Encephalon-A Lifetime Of Puppetry 5:45 Industrial
Gustaf Hildebrand-Nomadic Singularity 6:05 Dark Ambient,Drone
Linkin Park-Don't Stay 3:08 Nu Metal
Wild-Beasts-Daughters 4:47 Dream Pop,Electronica
Frontline Assembly-Killing Ground 5:59 Industrial,IDM
Shpongle-When Shall I Be Free? 4:37 Psybient (Psytrance+Ambient)
Diorama-Sands 5:44 Synth Pop,Electro
Ego Likeness-Breedless 4:03 Electrorock
Röyskopp feat Robyn-Monument 4:47 Electronica,Pop
Worms of the Earth-18 Hands Of Cundi 6:52 Dark Ambient,Industrial
Korn-Hater 3:53 Nu Metal
HMB- In The Beginning 5:31 Industrial
Edge Of Dawn-What If 2:24 Outro:Spoken Word,Ambient

Spotify: https://open.spot...uCIjGgqGGT
(Leider ist hier der zweite Song nicht dabei)
Bearbeitet von Mauli am 28.03.2016 um 15:34
3. Sendung
Prozak-Divided we stand 3:25 Horrorcore(düsterer Alternative Hip-Hop)
Born Gold-Hunger 3:08 Electropop,Experimental
Eisbrecher feat. Roberto Vitacca-Gothkiller 3:49 Industrial Rock,NDH
Stendeck-Feel the Flames Burning Inside Me 5:17 IDM,Ambient
Kopek-Revolution 3:38 Alternative Rock
LCMDF-We Are Cannibals 4:20 Electropop,Indie Rock
Skinny Puppy-Vyrisus 4:01 IDM,Industrial
Unzucht-Seelenblind 4:18 Dark Rock
Dirk Geiger-Connect 4:13 Ambient,IDM
Shiv-R-Dance the Apocalypse 4:29 Electro-Industrial
Margaret Berger-I Feed You My Love 3:01 Electropop,Dark Electro
Acretongue-Strange Cargo 5:36 Dark Ambient,Industrial,Synthpop
Techno Animal-Mastadon Americanus 7:23 "Illbient","industrial hip hop",Electronica
Autodafeh-Violence 3:59 Old School/Anhalt EBM
Kilowatts & Vanek-Sinnerstate 5:08 Acoustic,Singer-Songwriter + IDM/Electronica
Juno Reactor-To Byculla 4:58 Techno,Psytrance
Martin L. Gore -Loverman 7:02 Electronica,Experimental
Coma Divine-The Odd One Out Gothic Rock
SITD-Revolution 4:46 Industrial,Aggrotech
Virtual Riot feat. Lisa Rowe-Never Gonna Die-Original Mix 4:00 EDM
Edge Of Dawn- Descent [Version] 5:09 Synthpop,Futurepop,EBM
Massive Attack-Splitting The Atom 5:17 Trip Hop,Chillout,Electronica
Psy'Aviah feat. Mari Kattman-Our Common End 4:34 Industrial,Synthpop,Electro
Portugal.The Man-Purple Yellow Red And Blue 4:10 Indie Rock
Avrosse&Louie Cut-The Pink Panther 5:40 Minimal Techno
Muse-Psycho 5:17 Alt-Rock
Covenant-Tension 4:49 Futurepop,EBM,Electro
Chrysalide-Lizzie and the Charming Prince 3:08 IDM
R.E.M. -Low 4:57 Indie Rock

Rave the Reqviem-God Came Throvgh A Serpent's Mouth 2:30 Ambient,Neo-Classic
Sendung 4
Skin Area-Threshold 1:55 Experimental,Spoken/Screamed Word

Torul-The Sun! 5:25 Synthpop,Electro
Mind Necrosis Factor-Immanence 5:29 IDM,Tribal
Controlled Collapse feat. Aleksandra Burska-Fragments of Time 5:10 Electro-Industrial
Powerman 5000-Builders Of The Future 3:36 Industrial Rock,Electrometal,Nu Metal

iVardensphere feat. Mari Kattman-Messiah 7:42 Tribal,Industrial
Nickelback-Kiss It Goodbye 3:35 Alternative Metal,Grunge
Tenek-Loose Connection 4:23 Synthpop,Electro
Kode9+The Spacecape-Addiction 3:41 Dub(-step)

Aqualite-Cutoff Baby 6:10 Trance,Techno,Industrial
Placebo-Breathe Underwater 3:44 Alt-Rock
Binary Park-Worlds Collide 4:15 Eletronica/IDM,Synthpop,Industrial
Synapscape-First Came the Floods 3:29 Rhythmic Noise
Javelynn-Wannabe 4:23 Electropop,Electrorock

Chrysalide-March of the Sheeps 4:07 Industrial,Noise,Digital Hardcore
Detritus-Steep IDM,Dubstep,Ambient
Device-Villify 3:39 Industrial Metal,Nu Metal
Edge Of Dawn-LoveLost 4:35 Futurepop,EBM,Electro

Otto Von Schirach-Ultimate Universe 4:24 IDM,Breakcore
She Wants Revenge-Out Of Control 3:37 Post-Punk,Alt Rock
Mindless Faith-Love Is a Dirty Word 5:35 Industrial,EBM
Slave Republic-Menage a Trois 4:08 Synthpop,Electro
Skinny Puppy-Icktums 5:16 Industrial,IDM
Sonic Area-The Infernal Clockwork 4:59 IDM,Rhythmic Noise
Zeromancer-Stop The Noise 4:11 Electrorock,Industrial Rock
Euzen-The Order 3:58 Neofolk/Ethereal,Electronica

Skin Area-Threshold II Experimental,Drone
Sendung 5 : Girls-Special
Emelie Autumn-We Want Them Young

How To Destroy Angels-Welcome Oblivion Trip Hop,Experimental
Black Nail Cabaret-The Critical Cult Of Dora "Synth Noir"
Liquid Divine feat. Yrea-Comagirl Synthpop,Electro
Aiboforcen-Shadows Industrial,Electropop

Björk-Mutual Core Mischung aus Klassik und Dubstep
Oberer Totpunkt-Hexenjagd Dark Electro,Electronica
Covenant-Wir Sind Die Nacht Techno
I:Scintilla-Prey On You Electrorock,Industrial Rock

Chiasm-Soulprint IDM,Industrial
Ayria-Plastic Makes Perfect Industrial,Electropop
Ctrl Alt Del-Like A Circle D'n'B,Electronica
Xenia Beliayeva-Mind Damage Techno

Emilie Autumn-Time for Tea Gothic,Avantgarde,"Violindustrial"
Avarice in Audio feat. Redux-Sleepwalking Societies Electro-Industrial,Dance
Björk-Declare Indepence Industrial,Electropunk
Kidneythieves-Freeky People Industrial Rock
Encephalon-Genomica Electro-Industrial

MOTOR feat. Billie Ray Martin-Hyper Lust Techno
Psy'Aviah feat. Kari Berg-Deep Dark Desire Industrial,Electropop
Ego Likeness-Seance Industrial Rock,Goth Rock
Björk-Vertebrae By Vertebrae Tribal,IDM/Electronica
iVardensphere feat. Mari Kattman-Tribes Of Moth Tribal,Industrial,Arabic

Tapping The Vein-Falling In Electrorock,Goth Rock
Recoil-Edge To Life(Remastered) Downtempo,Experimental
Stromkern feat. Victoria Lloyd-Hindsight Electro,Ballad
Architect-Neon IDM

Delerium feat. Jael-Light Your Light Ambient,Electro
Sendung 6(26.2.16)
Kilowatts & Vanek-After You IDM/Electronica+Acoustic/Singer-Songwriter
Björk-Immature sec IDM,Downtempo
Placebo-Kitty Litter Alt-Rock

Depeche Mode-Useless Synthpop,Synth-Rock
How To Destroy Angels-BBB Electronica,Experimental,Post-Industrial
Eagles Of Death Metal-I Love You All The Time Alt-Rock

Diskonnekted feat. Frank M. Spinath -Storm EBM,Electro
Fractured(feat M@ from Encephalon)- Anaesthetic Electro-Industrial,Neo-Classic
Chrysalide-Cynicism Is A Poison(Anger Is A Gift Remix) Industrial,Rhythym'n' Noise,Downtempo

Ego Likeness-New Legion Industrial Rock,Goth Rock
Blue Stahli-Metamorphosis Electrometal,Industrial Rock
Mechanical Moth-Zealot Electro-Industrial,Dance
Go Fight-Make Some Noise "Electroscuzz"(Industrial+Dubstep+House)

Rammstein-Spring NDH
Horskh-Anomaly Industrial Rock,Rhythm'n'Noise
Rave The Reqviem-Exhale Industrial Metal,EDM
The Strand-Stay Home Industrial

Oomph-Das letze Streichholz NDH,Electrorock
Kopek-Love Sick Blues Alt-Rock
Skinny Puppy-Goneja Industrial,IDM/Electronica
Acretongue-These Soft Machines Industrial,Dark Ambient,Synthpop

Cut.Rate.Box- Enigma Dark Electro
Dave Gahan-21 Days Synth-Rock
Coma Divine-Praise The Fallen Dark Rock

Linea Aspera-Younger dryas Synthpop,Darkwave
Sneaker Pimps-Black Sheep Trip Hop,Electronica
Recoil-Allelujah Downtempo,Experimental

Adviruz-Love Scum IDM,Glitch
Rimacona-Message Glitch,J-Pop
Sendung 7- Female Edition (1.7.16)

Mechanical Moth - Awake
Ego Likeness- Burn Witch,Burn

Zola Jesus-Vessel 282 sec
Android Lust-Dragonfly 232 sec

Jack Off Jill - When I am Queen
The Creatures-Exterminating Angel

V01d feat. Ayria - Weakener [Weaken Her]
Chiasm-Deceivers 229 sec
I:Scintilla-Sharia Under A Beauty Curse

Kidneythieves-Taxicab Messiah
Grimes-Kill V. Maim
My Woshin Mashin - Easy Rider

Die Form-Deep Zone
Light Asylum-IPC
Cylab- Shifting Time

Lords Of Acid- Mary,Queen Of Slots
The Sugarcubes - Cold Sweat

Seize- Troubled mind
Cellmod feat. Rashree Matson-Disconnected

Nina Sublatti - I've got an idea

Zola Jesus - Vessel: https://www.youtu...Y9WUZZrTpw
Android Lust - Dragonfly: https://www.youtu...8nIvGEq-vg
Kidneythieves - Taxicab Messiah : https://www.youtu...PrcN0xqq4o
Grimes - Kill V. Maim: https://www.youtu...2EJMd7ZN7w
My Woshin Mashin - Easy Rider: https://www.youtu...h4vZX0XyxI
The Sugarcubes - Coldsweat: https://www.youtu...8XVHnNaJOo
Nina Sublatti - I've got an idea: https://www.youtu...evadYcaJhY
Sendung 8: 4.11.16

Diorama - Times Galore
Oberer Totpunkt - Langfristig Gesehen Sind Wir Alle Tot
IAMX - Ghosts Of Utopia

Ministry- Jesus Built My Hotrod
Velvet Acid Christ - Fun With Knives
Skinny Puppy - Optimissed- The Humble Brothers Remix

Portishead - All Mine
The Knife - We Share Our Mother's Health
Kosheen - Harder They Fall

Einstürzende Neubauten - Kollaps

ohgr - comedown
23:31 - the messenger
Third Realm - Burning Islands

My Woshin Mashin - Godzilla
Depeche Mode - Soothe my soul
Retrogramme - Heaven Is Closer (models and machines Remix)

Avarice in Audio feat.XP8 - Heartless Disaster (Aaimon remix)
Schwarzblut - Zur Hölle
Aesthetic Perfection - All Beauty Destroyed (Comaduster Remix)

Björk - Where Is The Line?
Ginger Snap5- Polaris (Remixed By Cloud Roots)

i!-The Plan 384 sec
Sendung 9

Nine Inch Nails - All Time Low ( Todd Rundgren Remix)
Interlace- Missing Link (Oliver Beach Remix)

Blue Stahli - Demon
Garbage- Push It
The Sweetest Condition - Vices

Click Click- Hands Fall Backwards
Skinny Puppy -Worlock
Wumpscut - Die In Winter

The Walton Hoax-Limitless
Bonobo feat. Grey Reverend - First Fires
Björk- Desired Constellation

Squid Lid - The Winkle Picker
My Washin Mashin - Zombie Boogie
Crytek- Ta Was Ne

Portishead-We Carry On
Silver Apples-Oscillations
Garbage- Hammering in My Head

Anti Pop Consortium - Solution
YtCracker - Bitcoin Baron
Prozak- Nowhere To Run

Anastacia - Left Outside Alone
Meg Myers - Curbstomp
Alice Merton - No Roots

How To Destroy Angels - A drowning
Sendung 10 (Best Of): 13.07.18

Kilowatts & Vanek-After You
Born Gold – Hunger
Burikusu!!! - Year 2080

Placebo-Kitty Litter
Kopek-Sub Human

Fractured(feat. M@ from Encephalon)- Anaesthetic
Frontline Assembly-Killing Ground
Skinny Puppy - Optimissed- The Humble Brothers Remix

Martin L. Gore –Loverman
Juno Reactor-To Byculla

Diskonnekted feat. Frank M. Spinath -Storm
Ayria – Plastic Makes Perfect
Psy'Aviah feat. Kari Berg-Deep Dark Desire

Skinny Puppy - Paragun
Orange Sector – Endzeit
Nitzer Ebb – Control (I’m here)
D.A.F. – Als wars das letzte Mal

Shiv-R-Dance the Apocalypse
Santa Hates You-Das Leben fügt ihnen und den Menschen in ihrer Umgebung erheblichen Schaden zu
Mechanical Moth-Zealot

Nitzer Ebb - Control (I’m Here) (Dubfires Jamrock Remix)

Diorama - Times Galore
Cut.Rate.Box- Enigma

Björk – Human Behaviour
Chiasm – Transparent
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